Info Regarding MSW and Classes and Corona Virus…

 UPDATE 4/16/2020:

Skywarn Training Classes – We are now cancelling all Skywarn training for the year. The NWS is working on their online training session and we will post it when it’s available. You’re welcome to review Milwaukee’s training in the meantime. Our training slide set and other tools are also available on our website > Spotter Resources –WxEducation

Picnic – Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be cancelling the picnic for this year. We will be re-evaluating later to see if we can have some sort of event this fall or winter.

Severe Weather Awareness Drills are still on for this Thursday. MN DPS announced yesterday the EAS alerts and weather radio alerts will not be seen or heard. Sirens will still sound. They have also provided guidance on storm shelters, which has been a question we have received.

Here are some tools for you to use during the drill and when reporting during the year:

Reporting Guide – updated for 2020

Report Scripts – Do you have difficulty in finding the right words for your reports? This is for you!

Social Distancing While Spotting – We’d like to remind everyone to follow current social distancing guidelines when spotting this summer. Safety First!

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Thank you for all you do for your communities! Stay safe everyone!

Metro Skywarn Board of Directors

“Statement About Spotting and Stay-at-Home Order…
All spotters can spot severe weather from their home and that is what we currently what Metro Skywarn, Inc. recommends all spotters do during the stay-at-home order. Spotters choosing to mobile spot do so at their own risk.”

Spotters that have registrations that expire 2020 that cannot attend a planned re-established training session (these are TBD), can go to 2021  and remember that you do not report non-rotating wall clouds.


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