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October 20, 2017

Serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area

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I'm looking for articles for next February's newsletter.
The February 2015 Metro Skywarn Newsletter has been posted.

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  • Mon 2 Oct 18:19 Spotters No Longer Needed @ 18:08 Per NWS recommendation, Metro Skywarn is not requested to activate at this time. There is no imminent threat of severe weather currently. If you have a reportable condition, report it using alternative means of communication meaning via the internet or phone.
  • Mon 2 Oct 13:33 Outlook Flash Flood Watch @ 12:50 There is a low chance that Skywarn may activate early this evening-overnight. The lower possibility of Skywarn Activation later on this evening is due to a isolated risk of marginally severe weather for our forecast area today/tonight. Primary threat for the metro is,
  • Fwd: AERO Training Opportunities
    This email contains graphics, so if you don't see them, view it in your browser Association of Emergency Radio Org. AERO Training Opportunities Thank you for her service to Metro Skywarn as a spotter. You serve as the eyes of the National Weather Service for severe weather for your

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