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All spotters; Thanks for all the reports over the last couple nights, it has been an active 48 hours!

I wanted to give a quick reminder to all regarding proper reports:

1. Make sure what you are going to report is reportable. We don't need or care to receive reports about traffic conditions, heavy rain (unless measured at more than 1" per hour) or wind blowing hard, ETC. Please check your classroom information (Or your spotter card) for reportable conditions, and please, only report those reportable conditions that currently exist.

2. Know your spotter number. Please have your number written down or memorized before getting on the radio. Contact us if you have lost it.

3. Know your current and accurate location. We want to know where you are, and if YOU don't know where you are, that don't help us. Know your location BEFORE making your report. Know your city (Don't guess). Net Control does not know every street in every city. Please take your time to be accurate. Use major cross streets and City.

4. NEVER estimate wind speed, don't even try, we will just ignore it anyway. If you can't measure it, don't report it, it is that simple! Instead report significant wind damage: 3" or larger tree limbs in healthy trees, highway or street signs damaged, shingles peeled back, structural damage.

5. Know the difference between ponding and flooding. Refer back to your classroom training if you need a refresher. We don't care about ponding water. We only want to know about moving, running water that normally is not suppose to be there. Moving water across a road is reportable, a ditch full of 2 feet of ponding water or water running down the side of the road into the storm sewer is not.

6. If you are going to make a hail report, please have the correct size determined (Reference coin size) before making that report. Know what your going to say before you key up that microphone.

7. An accurate and concise report is more important than an immediate report. Write down what you are going to say before you call net control.

Again, thank you to all the spotters that have stayed up late and given the critical reports that NWS needs to accomplish their goals and needs.

-- Howard J. Lund, Metro Skywarn Board of Directors

-- David E. Johnson, Metro Skywarn Board of Directors


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