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September 19, 2017

Serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area

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    Support Metro Skywarn

    Support the training and education programs of Metro Skywarn, and get great Skywarn Gear at CafePress. Read More
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    Spotter Frequencies

    Find the frequencies used by Metro Skywarn severe weather radio nets. Read More
  • Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™

    Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™

    We've teamed up with NOAA and the National Weather Service to better help the community prepare for weather events. Read More
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    Spotter Field Toolkit

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    Spotter F.A.Q.

    Frequently Asked Questions about spotter IDs and registering for the Website. Read More
  • 2017 spotter classes have ended

    2017 spotter classes have ended

    Thank you to all spotters who attended class this year. Your time and commitment to Metro Skywarn and weather safety is most appreciated. Read More
  • Alternate Reporting Methods

    Alternate Reporting Methods

    Use #mnwx and #wiwx on social media to report when a radio net is not active… and other alternative reporting methods. Read More
  • Metro Skywarn Coverage Area

    Metro Skywarn Coverage Area

    We serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, including the counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington. Read More
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  • June 4 2015 - Simla Colorado - Tornado and Updraft/Mesocyclone - Ryan Sandberg
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  • Tue 19 Sep 07:05 Outlook Storms tonight There is an Enhanced Risk of severe thunderstorms across western Minnesota, a Slight Risk across eastern Minnesota and a Marginal Risk across western Wisconsin tonight. Large hail and damaging winds are possible, with a tornado or two also possible across western
  • AERO Training Opportunities
    This email contains graphics, so if you don't see them, view it in your browser Association of Emergency Radio Org. AERO Training Opportunities For Distribution Widely Forward to anyone who may benefit There are still openings in upcoming AERO 101 classes. Please sign up now to ensure
  • Sat 16 Sep 19:57 Spotters No Longer Needed @ 19:19 Spotter activation should not be required throughout the rest of tonight, due to the probability of stronger storms significantly decreasing. The thunderstorm risk is very low and the potential for a strong-severe thunderstorm is now minimal to none.

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