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April 27, 2017

Metro Skywarn serves the entire seven (7) county metro area, including the following jurisdictions: In Minnesota, the counties of: Anoka, Scott, Carver, Dakota, Washington, Hennepin, and Ramsey.

For NOAA Weather Radio, the SAME codes are:

027003 Anoka
027019 Carver
027037 Dakota
027053 Hennepin
027123 Ramsey
027139 Scott
027163 Washington

The Metro Skywarn Spotter Frequencies and approximate locations of repeaters are:

  1. 146.700- PL 127.3 [WC0HC] (RepeaterBook)
  2. 147.210+ PL 100.0/100.0 [W0BU] (RepeaterBook)
  3. 147.000+ [K0LTC] (RepeaterBook)
    Wright County / West Metro
  4. 442.600+ PL 156.7 [] (RepeaterBook)
    Chatter Only; Not Monitored by MSW/NWS

See our Neigboring Skywarn Organizations and Skywarn Program Information from the National Weather Service (includes regional repeater map).


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  3. MPX
  • Thu 20 Apr 14:58 Spotters No Longer Needed SHORT MESSAGE Practice net closed for the afternoon drill. LONG MESSAGE We are closing the informal practice net for Severe Weather Awareness Week. We’d like to invite you to participate in this evening’s practice net beginning at 18:30 this evening.
  • Thu 20 Apr 14:27 Drill Tornado Warning Freqs: 146.70, 147.21 SHORT MESSAGE The NWS has issued a test tornado warning. Informal net in progress. LONG MESSAGE This is a test tornado warning...part of the Minnesota and Wisconsin statewide tornado drill...and is part of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Thu 20 Apr 13:40 Drill Tornado Watch Freqs: 146.70, 147.21 @ 13:30 SHORT MESSAGE The NWS has issued a test tornado watch. Informal net in progress. LONG MESSAGE This is a test tornado watch...part of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota. This message is for test purposes only. Please practice your tornado action plans as if it

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