Registration for Saturday, April 27, 2024 Spotter Class

Spotters must be at least age 14 in order to register.

One registration per spotter.

Please enter BOTH code words that you were given in your class. You MUST have both code words in order to register and be considered trained / renewed.
Enter "In process" if you are planning to get an FCC license this year, or "NA" if you do not plan on getting an amateur radio license this year or ever.
If no home phone write "None"

NWS Skywatcher ID

National Weather Service Skywatcher IDs are for people who are NOT amateur (ham) radio operators and who wish to report directly to the NWS.

Enter your NWS Skywatcher ID if you have one (example: Anoka A99).

Enter 'New' if you have never had a Skywatcher ID AND plan to report directly to the NWS this year (not via Metro Skywarn amateur radio nets)

OR you are from a county OUTSIDE of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, Washington AND you do not plan to report on a local Skywarn amateur radio net

Enter 'Existing' if you previously had a Skywatcher ID and need the NWS to look it up and email it to you.


Metro Skywarn ID

Metro Skywarn IDs are given to amateur radio operators, those planning to become an amateur radio operator this year, and those who plan to participate in Metro Skywarn Nets

Enter your 4 (or 3) digit Metro Skywarn ID number.

Enter 'NA' if you don't have one and are not planning to be a ham radio operator this year or ever.

Enter 'New' if you are a ham radio operator or planning to become one this year, plan to participate in Metro Skywarn Nets this year, and never had a Metro Skywarn ID.

Enter 'Existing' if you had a Metro Skywarn ID anytime in the past and need us to look it up.

The NWS may call you if they are curious about conditions in your area. Please enter the days and times they may call you if you have a Skywatcher ID or you requested one in the previous question. By stating "Anytime", you agree the NWS may call you at all hours of the day.
Enter Yes if you are at least age 14. Please note, if you are not at least 14 years of age, you will not be able to register as a spotter.

Disclaimer and Release (Acknoweledgement of Risk)

Metro Skywarn does not encourage the "chasing" of tornadoes or other severe weather. Metro Skywarn does not consider the training of severe weather spotters sufficient to allow spotters to safely engage in chasing tornadoes.  Metro Skywarn Net control Operators (NCO) provide information  as to where severe weather is located as a safety measure for those involved in the Skywarn Spotter Network. Metro Skywarn and participating NCO's do not "dispatch" spotters. NCO's may from time to time ask for reports from specific areas affected, or about to be affected, by severe weather.  If spotters chose to move to those areas, they do so at their own risk and responsibility. Safety of Skywarn spotters should be their FIRST priority.  Mobile spotting should be done while your vehicle is stationary. Trying to observe storm features while driving can cause accidents. Park your vehicle in a safe place, then observe, and report if necessary. Observe traffic laws and speed limits.  Nighttime spotting should be done from home, work, or other safe place. Storm features are very difficult to see at night as are dangerous road conditions such as flooding, downed trees or power lines. Do not increase your risk by driving into the dark.


I understand that there is an inherent risk in spotting of severe weather. I understand that my safety relies on my alertness, my caution, and my willingness to give up a place to watch the storm and find safe shelter if danger threatens. I am willing to assume these risks as a volunteer severe weather spotter.

In consideration of being a trained spotter for Metro Skywarn or, either today or at any future time, I hereby release and hold harmless Metro Skywarn, Inc., including all Board members, trainers, net control operators, any and all members, their heirs, successors, or assigns from any and all liability from any injury or loss which may occur while spotting severe weather, travel to and from, and afterward. As a parent and/or guardian, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Metro Skywarn, and their heirs, successors or assigns from any and all claims, demands, judgments and costs arising out of injuries or losses to my minor wards.

I understand that the information I provided will be held in a secured database that is online. Metro Skywarn has made all precautions to avoid unauthorized entry into the database. Metro Skywarn will not sell your data.


Any spotter under age 18 must have their parents’ signature. This is your legal digital signature agreeing to the above.


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