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  • 146.700- PL127.3 [WCØHC] (Listen on Broadcastify) (RepeaterBook)

    This feed monitors the 146.700mhz WC0HC repeater in downtown Minneapolis. It is a primary repeater for severe weather spotting in the Twin Cities Metro. Use of the WC0HC repeater is subject to Repeater Operating Protocol. The 146.700 repeater is for Metro Skywarn and Emergency Use only, owned by Hennepin County Emergency Management; more info can be found at
  • 147.210+ PL100 [WØBU] (RepeaterBook)

    The 147.210mhz W0BU repeater in Burnsville. It is a primary repeater for severe weather spotting in the south Twin Cities Metro.
  • 147.000+ [K0LTC] (RepeaterBook) Wright County / West Metro

See our Coverage Area Map for approximate repeater locations.


Backups will be used as required, and ANNOUNCED by the Duty NCS based on storm track and availability of repeaters.  

  • 146.670- PL114.8                        
  • 146.760- PL114.8  
  • 146.925- PL107.2       
  • 147.120+             
  • 145.170- PL100.0

Unmonitored "Chatter":

This repeater is available for unofficial "chatter" between spotters. It is not monitored by MSW/NWS.

  • 442.600+ PL 156.7 [KC0MQW] (RepeaterBook)
    Chatter Only; Not Monitored by MSW/NWS

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  • Wed 22 Feb 07:26 Drill Pre-season Final Testing @ TEST SHORT MESSAGE There may be a few test alerts this morning as we finalize our preparation for 2017. LONG MESSAGE These tests are necessary to ensure KØMSW Alerts sent by net control reach all intended destinations. Net control rotation starts Monday, February 27! A
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